Crawford Technologies Wins Best Case Study Presentation in Transaction Category at Inkjet Summit


crawford Technologies, a leading provider of innovative document solutions that streamline, improve and manage customer communications, announces it was awarded Best Case Study Presentation in the Transaction category at the Inkjet Summit. The case study highlighted how a leading provider of mission-critical business communications services implemented PRO Conductor, Crawford Technologies’ end-to-end production workflow solution, to simplify its client onboarding process and standardize operations across sites. Inkjet Summit attendees were given the opportunity to vote on the best case studies presented by sponsor vendors.

Crawford Technologies’ client in this case study had several objectives, including replacing pre-printed color shells with inline color, simplifying a complex client onboarding process, standardizing operations across three sites, integrating existing hardware and software and optimizing postal discounts. The immediate challenge was moving from offset to digital electronic forms. There were several additional requirements, including completely phasing out their black and white toner boxes and integrating with all the systems the company considers best of breed. The solution also needed to enable the implementation of Six Sigma compliance.

Crawford Technologies’ PRO Conductor automates and orchestrates every step of a customer communications management (CCM) environment, making it possible to gain visibility across the workflow by leveraging existing resources and applications. As a result of the adoption of PRO Conductor, the company has improved its efficiency and increased output by 25% without adding equipment or labor. Jobs are onboarded in minutes, rather than hours or weeks, and both new and legacy equipment are now connected to a dashboard. Data has been normalized into three workflows and operations have standardized across three sites. Additionally, the company has been able to realize significant postal cost savings.

“It is an honor to be recognized by Inkjet Summit attendees for the work we did with our client and share the measurable impact PRO Conductor added to their production efficiency,” said Ernie Crawford, president and CEO of Crawford Technologies. A lot of the credit for  the award should go to Adam Armstrong, our product manager, who did a great job of presenting the case study[Source]

Author فرشید قملاغی
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