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I have to say that yes, it is 100% economical when everyone is thinking of selling new stands to you, we will repair your stands at the lowest cost.Print replacement stand



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rollup repairing

popup repairing

counter repairing

lightbox repairing

print replacement

catalog holder repairing


 :It consists of several different parts, which are

outer frame


side door holder


spring shell

print holder shell



What do you think happens if each of these parts is not healthy and in place?

I must say that if one of these parts is defective, you will not have a smooth and healthy roll-up at all

Therefore, Arnik Printing and Standing Group is proud to announce that Zain Pas Stand Repair Services is possible due to its professional and experienced team


 :This stand includes the following parts

network pipe


square corner


In case of breakdown and defective of any of these parts, we will need to repair them. According to the experience of our team, we announce that this problem has been solved and there is no need to replace it, and only at a very low cost compared to the new product. You can have a new pop-up stand.


For this category of stands , we would like to announce that there is no need to replace it for a minor defect in another structure. If you intend to replace your counter table, we recommend that you read the following

 :The components are

wooden surface

network bars


square piece

print holder ruler

ruler antenna

Now that you are familiar with the components of these stands, we want to give you a simple example to understand the difference between repairing a stand by replacing it.

If your stand has a broken piece, for example, a network bar, you can repair it at a cost of approximately fifty thousand tomans, so that you can pay about nine hundred thousand tomans for this small problem

So surely with this example you have wondered why you have not done so yet

There is nothing wrong with saddle, so you can get even the slightest defects of your product with the help of Arnik printing and stand experts

I hope this article has helped improve your information

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