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 ? What is international advertising and why should we use it


In short, any introduction of a product, person and company abroad is advertising that is less used among companies due to the strictness of the laws of the target countries and other few problems that Arnik Print & Stand intends to generally addresses this issue in this article so that it is no longer difficult or impossible to attend a foreign exhibition or conference

So far, when a company decides to introduce or sell its products and services abroad in order to earn foreign exchange, it launches international advertising, which alone has hundreds of different categories. According to the technical and efficient experts of Arnik, this will be easily advertised in the target country for you



international advertising
Construction of an exhibition booth


One of the most important and practical types of international advertising abroad is the construction of an exhibition booth, which can be said to be the best type of advertising for your products and company, but the full implementation of a booth for foreigners who are not natives or residents of that country is challenging and expensive and sometimes It is impossible

However, Arnik Print & Stand is proud to announce that by employing native, technical and familiar people in advertising and exhibitions in several countries of the world, all of whom are fluent in English, Persian and native languages of that country, has made it possible for its customers



Construction of an exhibition booth
 ? How can a booth be built


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the most common and appropriate place for international advertising is the sale of your products and services at exhibitions abroad, so to achieve this, you need an exhibition space that after reservation at the end of this article, you should start constructing an appropriate space with your products and services

The first method of building a booth with MDF wood

It is almost the most expensive type of booth construction due to its beautiful view and various details, which is not economically justified because it can only be used in the same exhibition

The second method of building a booth with exhibition stands

This category has many features such as portability, frequent use in other exhibitions and countries, repairable and change of ads many times and several other features

  The third method is to use ready-made walls of the exhibition of origin

Using the ready-made walls of the country-of-origin exhibition, where only thing you need is to print a few posters and start introducing your product. It is both very convenient and economical



booth be built
Holding an international conference


Due to the rapid advancement of technology, which is even faster than human learning, to transfer information of our new products, we need a public announcement such as holding a conference so that we can provide our audience with complete information about our company’s new products in order to sell ​​our services and products. One of these methods is to hold conferences in foreign countries, but to achieve this we need the help of an advertising company to reach our goals

For example, you need to know what is the best venue for a conference in a foreign country, or what international advertising is as a guide and gifts that will have the greatest impact on the audience, and you should also invite special guests to highlight your brand which is completely possible when you use a local company in the country of origin and we are proud to announce that Arnick Printing and Stand Collection will provide this service for companies



Holding an international conference
Buying exhibition and advertising stands


Companies and individuals traveling to a foreign country to attend an exhibition or conference may need an exhibition stand, given that you have done all your planning meticulously and whatever You needed to take with you to a foreign exhibition, but suddenly an extra space is given to you which should be filled by an exhibition stand

Arnick Printing and Stand Advertising meets this need for you all over the world. You must be asking yourself why you should choose us over buying from the same country of origin which may be easier for you. The answer is clear: diversity of our products, lower currency exchange rate (Iranian Rials), high quality and one year warranty, and of course, we can easily and very quickly send you the purchased stand in the country of target



Buying exhibition and advertising stands
Repairment of exhibition and advertising stands


You are ready to participate in an exhibition or conference

When you travel to a foreign country to participate in an exhibition so that you can introduce your products and company, but suddenly you realize that your exhibition and advertising stands are damaged and broken during the flight, you feel bad and frustrated, but you have nothing to worry about. Arnik Print & Stand can help you, now you may ask yourself how

The first repair center for exhibition and advertising stands in the world

You can easily get free video consulting in Persian and English through WhatsApp to solve the problem yourself in the quickest time, or you can send it to our addresses in Iran, Armenia, Istanbul, Hungary, France, Denmark, and wait for our experts to solve this problem for you. Wait! our services are not over! By sending a request to us, the repair experts will be sent to your place and will solve your problem



Repairment of exhibition and advertising stands
Environmental advertising


Ever wonder why a company is so well-known all over the world

We will answer this question. One of the methods is the use of environmental and large format advertising that attracts every viewer of your product, which allows you to use several methods, such as using the glass of stores, or billboards around the world. To do this, you need to know what is the best printing. Arnik Print & Stand, due to having a native experts to do this, intends to provide the necessary items in the continuation of this article.

Sticker printing

One of the best sellers in large format printing is store label format, which you can use to show your products to everyone in the world by using this type of advertising, and you have no restrictions in implementing this design including shopping malls, exhibitions, transit vehicles, stores glass, etc



Environmental advertising
Printing brochures, catalogs and business cards


One of the main needs for international advertising and participation in foreign exhibitions is the printing and use of office papers such as brochures, catalogs, business cards, etc. Arnik Print & Stand suggests that you can receive your office papers at your desired exhibition place only by sending us a file

Due to the quality of printing and consumable paper and also the low price compared to other parts of the world, it allows you to save up to fifty percent of your advertising costs and safely and without the hassle, carry your exhibition, and instead of your overload costs, you can take other items with you



Printing brochures, catalogs and business cards
Send from Iran to all over the world


You must be wondering how we can send your printed products and stands from Iran to the whole world! In response to this question, we must say that due to the fact that Arnik Print & Stand is a party to the contract with airlines and Alvo Cargo Transport Company, we will send your orders simply with the lowest cost and the fastest possible time and flight

It should be mentioned that we have carefully read all the laws of the recipient countries and customs tariffs, and we can easily calculate the final price for you so that you can be sure in choosing the place of your order



Fsend from Iran to all over the worldse
Use of local workforce in the country of origin


When you are planning to do international advertising, you must be fluent in the language of that country. You may think that you know an important language such as English and that is enough for you, but we think you are wrong. Because you can get the best result from your work when you have observed all the small and important points

Let me give you an example: When I traveled to China, Armenia, Turkey, Germany, France, Dubai, etc., I just realized that most companies have trouble translating because they could not deliver their products to customers and introduce local visitors because each country has its own language and few people know English (visitors), but do not be disappointed. Arnik Print & Stand in Iran, Armenia, Dubai, Turkey, France, Hungary, Germany services can provide a translator at the exhibition to its clients



Use of local workforce
Meet the Arnik company management


In 2022, Mr. Farshid Gholamghi, after 12 years of experience and research in the field of how to create and operate exhibition and store stands in the advertising and marketing industry, decided to establish the first specialized repair center for exhibition stands in Iran to enter this field with the support of global knowledge and the need of this industry for repair services and also, according to the need of the global market for printing and advertising (exhibitions and conferences) and on the other hand, to facilitate the participation in foreign exhibitions and international advertisements for the participants and make this important a routine and easy process this group has been made

Name: Farshid Ghomlaghi

Birthdate: 12/12/1988

Location: Tehran, Iran

Education: Bachelor of Marketing and Advertising

International experiences: Holding the Conference of Ambassadors of the World in Iran 2019, Istanbul International Exhibition of Medical Equipment and Health Turkey 2018 and thousands of other experiences

Manager’s motto: not important to win, but it’s important to always be your best self



Meet the arnik company management
Payment methodsin iran


Various payment methods at Arnik Print & Stand for international advertising is one of the features of this company that even if you are in Iran, you can pay in cash and there are no restrictions on payment

You may think that due to the US sanctions, it will be very difficult to work with us and it will be very difficult to participate in exhibitions in Iran, but we announce that due to the different people around the world who work with this collection payment can be convenient and you can even make your payment using digital currency



Payment methods in iran

international advertising

International advertising can be defined as a subfield in advertising and international marketing that studies the differences and similarities in
advertising across different nations and how one country’s advertising overseas affects the other country.[ source ]

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