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Arnik printing and stand support team is proud to provide its customers with pre-purchase consultation services.

If you are not sure about your purchase, please consult us first before purchasing and deciding on the type of advertisement.


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+98 21-66013050 / +98 21-66016123



+98 912 5792646







Unit 3, No. 10, Zamani Dd. End, North Tarasht, Tehran – Iran


P. Code: 1459754311




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product warranty

پاسخ گویی 98%
کیفیت چاپ 94%
کیفیت استند 93%
تیم نصب 91%

Answer: Yes, it is possible to install and print stickers on all cars in Iran.

The product warranty is up to 5 years according to the customer’s request

Yes, such as the construction of head lines and counters and interior decoration of the store

Not based in the collection, but we have designers in the company

Generally, no, but specific forms are accepted

Yes, Arnik print and stand complex provides repair services

Yes, we also have installation services in the other city, but it requires a contract with the requesting company.

It means that customers can get help from our consultants with just one idea for the design until the delivery of the order.

All large format and digital prints

Most of the stands in the complex are imported (Chinese) and produced in Iran too.

Managing Director


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contact informations:

Mobile: +98 912 579 2646

e-mail: info@arnikprint.com

LinkedIn: farshid ghomlaghi


Yerevan office manager


نمایندگی ارمنستان آرنیک


Mobile: +37498391961

e-mail: newexpoco@gmail.com



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